As the Founder and CEO of TransformED Leadership, Susan Lawyer Willis makes a difference and leaves a lasting footprint by creating high performance principals and education providers through proven human services strategies.

Detroit is one of many cities across the nation, which faces deep cuts to education while simultaneously struggling to close the student achievement gap and turn around low-performing schools. Recognizing both the promise and potential for addressing challenges in Century classrooms is the first step. Today, there is a new national movement elevating the 21st education in urban communities and more school systems are taking action to mentor and coach teachers and principals to effectively manage retention, regularly monitor student learning and encourage educators to think systematically about their practice, learning from their first hand experience.

Susan Lawyer Willis is one individual leading this initiative for change in K-12 education to ensure future workforce generations are ready to contribute to society. As a former principal, a nationally certified principal coach, an accomplished C-level executive, educator and leader with a background in human services and public service, she works directly with principals and teachers of low-performing schools to turn them into high-performing educational facilities.

“It typically takes a new principal four years to successfully transition and begin seeing any change,” says Willis. “This approach of coaching teachers and principals is not only more cost effective but turns schools around much faster.”

Providing direct human services such as empowerment counseling, group facilitation, positive peer relationships, goal setting, communication skills, personal responsibility, case management, social skills enhancement, conflict resolution, character development, crisis intervention and other programs, allows TransformED Leadership, LLC to realize its mission to implement economic, educational and health transformation by partnering with governmental institutions, human service agencies, nonprofit entities, families and individual citizens.

“While this movement is catching on, it’s not new,” says Willis. It’s actually tried and proven, however it is becoming more prevalent today given the increasing number of low-performing schools and the severe budget cuts in education. Teachers and principals are already committed to education. It only makes sense to coach, mentor and continue their training.”

At the end of the day, utilizing human services creates a winning solution for all parties.